Benoquin Cream

Product name:    Benoquin Cream

Manufacturer:     MAC

Generic:              Monobenzone (20g)

Type:                    Cream

Strength:              20 mg

Packing:               Pack of 20gm tube

Benoquin cream is used to treat Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin condition in which pigment producing melanocytes get destructed. This cream helps to lighten normal skin to match patches of skin that have become pale due to Vitiligo. Decolouration of the skin using Benoquin cream is permanent and makes the skin sensitive to sunburn. The most common side effects are mild skin irritation, itching and redness at the site of application. If you miss a dose of Benoquin Cream take it as soon as you notice. If it is close to the  time of your next dose, then skip the missed dose. Store this  Benoquin Cream below 25°C in a cool dry place.

  • Pack 20g Tube
  • composition Monobenzone (20g Cream)
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