Drop Ship FAQs


Hepcinat Description: Hepcinat drug is a nucleotide analog inhibitor used for the treatment of hepatitis C virus
Hepcinat Side effects : Remember that it will be necessary to inform your physician of any side effects that affect you as a result of taking Hepcinat (Sofosbuvir) tablets. A list of examples is given here:
• Headache
• A tired feeling
• A decrease in appetite
• Problems sleeping properly
• Itchy feeling which is mild in nature
It will be necessary to go to the emergency room straight away or to immediately see a physician if you suffer from behavior which is significantly different to before, feeling severely weakened, a pale appearance, swollen gums, sores occurring in the mouth or any other serious adverse events which have not been referenced here.

Product name Composition Pack
Hepcinat Sofosbuvir 28 Tablet
Hepcivir Sofosbuvir 28 Tablet
Resof Sofosbuvir 28 Tablet
Sofab Sofosbuvir 28 Tablet
Sofovir Sofosbuvir 28 Tablet
Sovihep Sofosbuvir 28 Tabletx