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Anti HIV Drugs

Product name Composition Pack
A-Bec Abacavir Sulfate Tablet(300mg) 10 Tablet
Abamune Abacavir Sulfate Tablet (300mg) 10 Tablets
Adesera Adefovir Dipivoxil (10mg) Tablet 30 Tablets
Ataclip Atazanavir (300mg) and Ritonavir (100mg) Tablet 30 Tablets
Atavir Atazanvir Capsule (300mg) 30 Capsules
Synthivan Atazanavir (300mg) and Ritonavir (100mg) Tablet 30 Tablet
Atazor Atazanavir 100mg 60 Tablets
Atripla Efavirenz (600mg),Emtricitabine(200mg) and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate(300mg) Tablet 30 Tablet
Cinmove Cinitapride Tablet (1mg) 10 Tablets
Generic Combivir Lamivudine(150mg) and Zidovudine(300mg) Tablet 10 Tablet
Copegus Ribavirin Tablet (100 mg/200mg) 42 Tablets
Generic Crixivan Indinavir (400mg) 30 Capsule
Cytocom - N Lamivudine (150mg),Zidovudine (300mg),Nevirapine (200mg) Tablet 10 Tablets
Daruvir Darunavir Tablet (300mg) 30 Tablets
Dinex EC Didanosine Delayed Release Capsule (400mg) 30 Capsule
Dinex EC Didanosine Delayed Release Capsule (250mg) 30 Capsules
Duovir Lamivudine(150mg) and Zidovudine(300mg) Tablet 60 tablets
Duovir E Lamivudine (150mg),Zidovudine (300 mg) and Efavirenz (600mg) Tablet 1 Kit
Duovir-N Lamivudine(150mg), Zidovudine(300mg) and Nevirapine (200mg) Tablet 10 Tablet
Edurant Rilpivirine Tablet (25mg) 25 ablets
Efavir EfavirenZ (200mg/600mg) 30 Tablets
Generic Efavirenz Efavirenz Capsule (200mg/500mg/600mg) 30 Capsules
Evirenz Efavirenz Capsule (200mg/500mg/600mg) 10 Tablets
Famtrex Famciclovir Tablet (250mg) 10 Tablet
Generic Crixivan Indinavir Sulfate Capsule (400MG) 180 Tablet
Generic Famvir Ritonavir Tablet (100mg) 10 Tablet
Generic Famvir Famciclovir Tablet (250mg) 10 Tablet
Generic Norvir Ritonavir Tablet (100mg) 30 Tablet
Generic Ziagen Abacavir Sulfate Tablet(300mg) 10 Tablet
Hepsera Hepsera Tablet (10mg) 30 Tablet
Inbec Indinavir Sulfate Capsule (400MG) 30 Tablet
Indivan Indinavir Tablet (400mg) 30 Tablets
Lopimune Lopinavir (200mg) and Ritonavir (50mg) Tablet 60 Tablets
Kivexa Abacavir (600mg) and Lamivudine (300mg) Tablet 30 Tablet
Lamivir HBV Lamivudine Tablet (150mg) 10 Tablets
Lamivir Oral Lamivudine (50mg) 100 ml
Lamivir S - 30 Lamivudine (150mg) and Stavudine (30mg) Tablet 60 Tablet
Lamivir Lamivudine Tablet (100mg/150mg) 30 Tablets
Lamivir SE Lamivudine ( 150mg),Stavudine (30mg)and Efavirenz(600mg) 1 Kit
Generic Epivir Lamivudine Tablet (100mg/150mg 60 Tablet
Maximune Saquinavir Mesylate Tablet (500mg) 60 Tablets
Nelvir Nelfinavir Tablet (250mg) 100 Tablets
Nevimune Nevirapine Tablet (200mg) 60 Tablets
Odivir kit Efavirenz(300mg),Lamivudine(600mg) and Didanosine(400mg) Tablet 1Kit/2Kit
Prezista Darunavir Tablet (300mg) 60 Tablet
Qvir kit A) One Atazanavir (300mg) and One Ritonavir (100mg) / B) One Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (300mg) T 1 Kit
Retrocare Efavirenz Tablet ( 600mg) 10 Tablets
Retrovir Zidovudine Capsule (100mg/300mg) 10 Capsule
Ritomune Ritonavir Tablet (100 mg) 60 Tablets
Stavir Stavudine Capsule (30mg/40mg) 100 Capsule
Tenvir Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Tablet (300mg) 30 Tablets
Tenvir EM Emtricitabine (300mg) and Tenofovir (200mg) Tablet 30 Tablets
Tenvir L Tenofovir (300mg) and Lamivudine (300 mg) Tablet 30 Tablets
Triomune 40 Lamivudine(150 mg), Nevirapine( 200 mg) and Stavudine( 40 mg) Tablet 30 Tablet
Trioday Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (300mg),Lamivudine (300mg) and Efvirenz (600mg) Tablet 30 Tablets
Triomune Stavudine (30mg)/Lamivudine(150) and Nevir (200mg) Tablet 30 Tablets
Triomune Baby Lamivudine (30mg),Nevirapine (50MG) and Stavudine (6mg) Tablet 60 Tablets
Triomune Junior Lamivudine (60mg) and Nevirapine (12mg) 60 Tablets
Truvada Emtricitabine (300mg) and Tenofovir(200mg) Tablet 30 Tablet
Valgan Valganciclovir Tablet (450mg) 4 Tablets
Videx Didanosine Capsule (250mg/400mg) 30 Capsules
Viracept Nelfinavir Mesylate Tablet (250mg) 100 Tablet
Viraday Efavirenz (600mg),Emtricitabine(200mg) and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate(300mg) Tablet 30 Tablets
Viramune Nevirapine Tablet (200mg) 10 Tablet
Viranz Efavirenz Tablet (200mg) 30 Tablets
Generic Viread Tenofovir Tablet (300mg) 30 Tablet
Virol Abacavir Sulphate Tablet(300mg) 60 Tablets
Vonavir Emcitrabine (600mg),Efavirenz (300mg) and Tenofoxir (200mg) 30 Tablets
Zerit Stavudine Tablet (30 mg/40 mg) 10 Tablet
Zidovir Zidovudine Capsule (100mg/300mg) 10 Capsules